Powerful Sniper Rifles

The Worlds Most Powerful Sniper Rifles

A good sniper rifle must be accurate and powerful as you can experience here. While some are suited to military use with others being more suited for use by rifle enthusiaists. When used by the military a sniper rifle can be the difference between winning a battle or losing as they are used to take out specific personnel in advance so making the job less difficult. So, which rifles are the best in terms of fire power, accuracy and vision? Let's take a look!

Barrett M82

Also known as the Barrett 50 Cal the M82 is a semi automatic 50 calibre sniper rifle. This rifle is used by many countries around the world, while it weighs around twenty eighty pounds and is 12.7mm in length. This long range precision weapon is the choice of true marksmen as it shoots between 800 and 2600 metres with supreme accuracy making it extremely effective as a killing machine.

  • Weight 25lbs
  • Length 50.4 inches
  • Barrel  32 inches
  • Single shot bolt action
  • Range 2600 metres
  • American manufacture

Dragunov SVD

This reliable sniper rifle is Russian made has great accuracy plus superb range and can hold its own against any of the more modern sniper rifles around today. Semi automatic and gas operated it is light weight plus has a bayonet section too. The low recoil system means better accuracy, while the SVD is still in use today in countries like Iraq where guerilla warfare is common.

  • Weight maximum 11lbs
  • Length maximum 44 inches
  • Barrel 23.6 inches
  • Gas operated rotating bolt action
  • Range maximum 1300 metres
  • Soviet manufacture

Chey Tac 408

This sniper rifle is used for military long range targetting with a range of over two thousand five hundred meters and weighs twenty one pounds. The Chey Tac gun is favoured by the Jordanians, the Turkish Maroon Berets and the United States Marine Corps. The 408 is also popular with civilian shooting enthusiaists who enjoy long range shooting. Based on a wild cat cartridge the 408 has a 400 Taylor Magnum parent case that is a rimless bottle neck.

  • Case Type rimless bottle neck
  • Bullet diameter 408 inches
  • Case Length 3.04 inches
  • American manufacture


The PSG 1A1 is a semi automatic sniper rifle devised by German company Heckler and Koch. The original PSG 1 rifle was commissioned following the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics in 1972. The German authorities wanted a highly accurate semi automatic rifle with a large magazine capacity. Many hostages were killed in the Munich attack with the German police left red faced due to their lack of fire power required to secure the area at the time.

The PSG 1A1 is the upgraded version of the PSG 1 and is said to be accurate, has an adjustable trigger unit, with added improvements of a relocated cocking handle plus the replacement of the outdated scope for a Schmidt and Bender 3-12 x 50 Police Marksmen 2 scope. The gun is favoured by twenty five countries plus worldwide.

  • Weight 15.87lbs
  • Length 48.4 inches
  • Barrel 25.6 inches
  • Roller delayed blow back action
  • German manufacture


The AS50 sniper rifle was designed in 2006 and has great accuracy at long range using gas operated semi automatic action. The muzzle brake enables lower recoil, the rifle is lightweight plus can be taken to pieces in a mere three minutes. The rifle fires five rounds in under 1.6 seconds plus has a 1500 metre range. The rifle was designed for use by the British military and the American Navy Seals.

  • Weight 27lbs
  • Length 53.9 inches
  • Barrel 692mm
  • Feed system 5 or 10 round detachable box magazine
  • British manufacture

L115A3 AWM

This rifle is a bolt action sniper rifle whose longer bolt accomodates 300 Winchester Magnum cartridges. The rifle has a detachable single stack removable box machine that holds a maximum five rounds, while the muzzle brakes reduce any recoil experienced by the shooter. Other standard features include telescopic sight, butt spacers, mount, bipod and cleaning tool kit.

  • Weight maximum 15.1lbs
  • Length maximum 48.4 inches
  • Barrel 27 inches
  • Range 1400 metres
  • British manufacture