The Worlds Most Powerful Machine Guns

The Worlds Most Powerful Machine Guns

Many of us are fascinated with weaponry both old and new, hence games that use such instruments like guns have become incredibly popular over the years. While there are many different types or calibre of guns, we concentrate on the worlds most powerful machine guns.

Metal Storm 36 Barrel

Metal Storm are an Australian company based in Brisbane. This prototype machine gun is a thirty six barrelled stacked projectile, while it is said to have the highest firing rate worldwide. This awesome machine gun fires over one million rounds per minute in a one hundred and eighty round burst. The only moving part of this gun are the projectiles themselves. The maximum rate of fire is 1.62 million RPM which is mega!

HK121 Machine Gun

The HK121 is the successor to the MG3 and is used by both ground infantry and in air defence roles also. Made by Heckler and Koch this gun is the new breed of universal belt fed 7.62mm x 51 machine guns. These guns are currently the machine gun of choice for the German army.

M240 Machine Gun

This machine is the American official choice of machine gun replacing the M60. The gun is sited for its reliabilty something crucial in combat, while they are produced by FN manufacturing. it has been a favoured gun by the military since 1977 and has a maximum range of 4074 yards.

TDI KrissSuper V XSMG

This sub machine gun named after an Indonesian sword was created in Switzerland. This awesome 45 calibre automatic is kick free when fires, while it fires 4,500 rounds per minute. At the moment it is still in production stages and is going through final testing.

HK MG4 Machine Gun

Shooting the maximum number of rounds in the minimum time - something most of us get to do on our computer screens only, this gun is thought to be one of the most dangerous guns to be created due to its accuracy and precision. originally made in  the 1990's it is still in use today. Most of us are not in the position to own such a weapon, having said that, you can still experience a great deal of shooting actionright here.

Thompson M192

This machine gun is also considered tobe one of the most dangerous machine guns ever made. Firing six hundred rounds per minute it is generally used by security people and body guards although the military still have it in use today. Nicknamed the Tommy gun its compact size has made it popular throughout its lifetime.

XM307 ACSW Machine Gun

This machine gun is considered to be one of the most dangerous guns of all time. Requiring two people to operate it the XM307 can hit a target accurately from two thousand five hundred yards away which is phenomenal. Damage caused by this machine gun when it does hit the target is awesome in its violence.


This American made gun can fire up to six thousand rounds per minute with a maximum range of three thousand two hundred and eighty feet and is considered one of the best machine guns in history. weighing in at eighty five pounds this gun is both powerful and accurate.